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Ritmüller pianos date from Göttingen, Germany in 1795 and today are made by the world’s largest piano maker “Pearl River” in the southern Chinese city of Guangzhou. Established over 60 years, many familiar brands have featured pianos manufactured by Pearl River. Today Pearl River is renowned worldwide as China’s leading pioneer for acoustic and digital piano quality, production technology and value for money and is the only Government appointed “National Technology Centre of Enterprise” in the music industry.

The Ritmüller full sound range is even and consistent with a bright treble, a full tenor and a rich base.  Together with an even and sensitive touch, Ritmüller pianos provide you with a perfect performance and choice for the beginner to the professional musician.

Ritmüller have completely redesigned their range of acoustic pianos using a new scale designed by European master piano designers. Incorporating the latest materials and precision manufacturing techniques to ensure the entire piano is made to the highest standards of quality and performance.